About Jeanne Lennon

(now you know where the name came from)

You know whenever you read a bio, it is really written by whomever it's about. So I'm not going to pretend that someone else studied my fascinating life. I want to share with you some of the achievements that make me most proud. Here it goes in order of importance. 

In 2008, Lennonheads made the list of the Top 200 Fastest Growing Salons in America. In the last two years, we have brought in some of the most talented national trainers in the industry. Our team has attended the Sassoon Academy in Chicago and we have re-designed our entire education system around their teachings. We have attended classes in editorial styling and makeup, balancing massage classes, event hair styling and master color classes, just to name a few. The investment and focus have paid off! From our incredible technical team, to our committed guest service people, to the snow shoveling and floor cleaning group (Ok that's really Pam and I); we have a commitment to you our guest and to each other to deliver the best possible service imaginable. 

Pamela Fasone: Operations Manager, teacher, and best friend. It's a big title so I should break it down for you. She does everything that is hard to make my life easier. Quite the job description. She should be very tired, but never is and that is why she owns the title. She is also responsible for all the haircut and design training which is why so many of our guests return. So be nice to Pam because one day I'll be handing the keys to this business over to her. And it will feel right. 

Me: I went to beauty school in 1979 and graduated knowing how to do perms and shampoo sets. Yes that's with rollers under the dryer-so yes I'm old. Decided I couldn't do hair so I went on to OSU and graduated with a marketing degree in 1984. I went to work for Clairol Corporation for five years in 1987 where I was honored with the Lawrence M. Gelb award for outstanding sales. I was the youngest person ever to be promoted to manager in the company. I only bring this up because in a bio you have to mention an award and the only other statue I have is from an 8th grade basketball championship and I can't shoot anymore, so... I had to go actually dig out the Gelb award to get his name off of it, but it's mine and I can prove it. I digress. I moved to Dallas, Texas. Do you know what I learned next? You can be great in sales and not know a darn thing about managing people. I worked hard at it for three years, but felt I wasn't cut out for management (and honestly the bugs grossed me out) so I decided to move home and open a salon. You are not going to believe this, but when you own your own business you still have to manage people. No one told me, but I must have taken enough classes because I have a great team. And I can prove that too. Just come visit.